Features of our EDM software

  • Search and find the information

    • Simple and advanced search based on keywords or document attributes
    • Contents of documents indexed in a database
    • Thumbnails to preview documents (Office, PDF, Images, …)
    • Sorting and filters on search result lists
    • Complete history of changer by authors, by operation
  • Automate the documentary circuit and distribute your administrative documents : Optimize the circuits of distribution and validation of your documents and inform the various speakers thanks to automated processes according to document types.

    • Customized life cycle by type of documents (delivery note, purchase order, offer, mail, …) and change of status
    • Notification as an alert or email
  • Dematerialize 100% of your documents: All of your supplier invoices, of your letters go into FlowScan for storage and archiving in the Audros EDM while making them accessible from a portal or from your ERP.

    • Scans processing station
    • Assembly, rotation, grouping
    • Filling attributes and coding
    • Automated storage of documents in their binder
    • Treatment for all types of documents
    • Dematerialization of paper documents
  • Dematerialize your invoices : Reduce recording times by automating document recognition and reading (LAD/ RAD) to extract important data.

    • Work from content or templates search
    • Learning about new documents
    • Extraction of information (Invoice number, suppliers, line items, delivery form number, amounts, VAT, …)
  • Eliminate processing and reconciliation delays: Eliminate time-consuming recapture and reconciliation of invoice lines with delivery forms and orders thanks to an enriched knowledge base synchronized with your EDP and business rules.

    • Reconciliation via a synchronized knowledge base
    • Exporting data for invoice creation in X3 and storing the attachment invoice in the EDM
  • Automate the filing and storage of your administrative documents

    • Structured and flexible storage according to your own organization
    • No duplication thanks to the management of links
    • Personalized attributes and automatic coding
    • EDM Menu “Save” from Word, Excel, Outlook and Explorer
  • Collaborate in a secure way

    • Definition of role-based access levels
    • Automatic storage of documents in a safe
    • Secure extranet access in consultation
    • Locking read-only documents
    • Subscription to receive group alerts
  • Ensuring the respect for the standards

    • Respect the accounting rules
    • Legal archiving of your administrative and financial documents.
Frequently asked questions
  • How is my data secured?

    Firstly users have password secured individual access. Audros allows for the management of rights by roles, groups, users or by projects. The administrator can access at all times the log of connections and set alerts for example on a suspect download volume.

  • Does Audros allow several people to work on the same document?

    With the "check-in/check-out" feature, Audros allows locking of read-only documents, allowing you to work collaboratively on a document without any conflict.
    Audros also allows you to control the consultation and editing of original format to avoid any modification by an unauthorized user.

  • How Audros can I track changes to documents?

    Audros allows for the complete monitoring of all changes and its history. There is also the possibility to subscribe to a subscription that automatically sends notifications by email after the creation or modification of data/documents.

  • How are searches carried out in Audros?

    Audros offers tools for multi-criteria and full-text searches, as well as a backup for advanced searches. Subsequently, the user can use settings to sort and filter the list of results.
    The user can also browse through the structure by composition/where used, or by link type. A preview in the form of 2D thumbnails is also possible for certain file formats (native CAD supported connectors, PDF, Office, pictures...).