Audros ERP

Audros ERP

Accelerate your processes, from the design phase to manufacturing.

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Audros ERP

Ensure the correspondence between your data

Audros ERP is the link between your ERP data and all your technical data: specifications, 3D model, drawings, CAD properties... Audros can easily communicate with most ERP solutions. Audros has established partnerships with Sage, Clip industry, Solvaxis, to ensure optimal integration between these systems!

  • Use of the APIs and Web services ERP connect
  • Master and slave data management

Finish with (finally) the re-entry of your data

Audros ERP removes the time spent re-entering data and the risk of errors by ensuring the transfer to your ERP of data items and BOMs from drawings made with your CAD tools: AutoCAD, Catia V5, Inventor, PTC CREO, Solidworks, Solid Edge.

  • Dynamic link between the design, industrialization and maintenance BOMs
  • Management of the renaming of CAD files a posteriori

Promote collaboration with technical services

Audros ERP is designed for companies who wish to communicate the data present in a Technical EDM/PLM with their ERP (or vice versa). For example, links can be made between sales data from the Purchasing Department and technical data from the Design Department or the Manufacturing shop.

  • Comparisons between all structure types
  • Creation of 'phantom' items (paint, paste, grease…)

Accelerate the time spent getting your products on the market

By communicating your ERP and your Technical data/PLM, Audros ERP can be used to achieve new sources of productivity right from the design phase. Thus, you significantly reduce your time to market from its design to its manufacture!

  • Management of change/validation requests
  • Real time alerts for participants and reporting

Your design and manufacturing data in unison.

Deal with intense competition

In the current environment, companies must control costs, increase innovation and reduce delivery times. Audros ERP contributes to the significant reduction in the ‘Time to Market’ and produces every custom-made product without significant additional costs compared to the standard.

French technology that has proven results

Audros ERP is based on the PLM Audros solution that has proven results since 1993 with numerous manufacturers and Design Departments. Its powerful technology today enables manufacturers to communicate their ERP and their EDM to achieve new sources of productivity.

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Scalable towards a global offer

Four other extensions, covering the main area of application, can easily be associated with the Audros ERP, depending on the changes regarding your activities and your specific needs: CAD, Process, Project and ERP.

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