Features ERP

  • The ERP extension for the Audros Standard Edition provides:

    • Automatic construction, or simple "drag & drop" of items, representations of different BOMs while preserving the history
    • Dynamic link between design classifications (As Built), industrialization (As Product) and maintenance (As Maintain) while managing consistency and traceability between different classifications.
    • Display separate business views for your BOMs, from both your CAD as well as your ERP, and make comparisons between any type of structure displaying the differences and similarities on quantities, versions of articles, the levels ...
    • Management of the Master and Slave concept on data between your PLM and your ERP in mono or bidirectional exchanges
    • Management of the renaming of CAD files a posteriori with the ERP item code while maintaining the integrity of the links in the assembly
    • Using a preprogrammed API in simplified AUPL language (Audros Programing Language).
    • Management of change requests/validations (RCTs) as well as the PLM and ERP. A subscription feature to warn those concerned in real time by email.
    • Creating "ghosts" items that have no graphical representation or CAD files attached such as grease, paint, glue, etc.
Frequently asked questions
  • Is it necessary to pull together existing data during the connection of CAD (product structure) to the ERP with ERP Connect?

    No, in the design and manufacturing process, it is common to pull together existing data from one system to the other between a part or CAD assembly (product structure) and the nomenclature of your ERP (BOM). But with ERP Connect, you will easily find the correspondence between item codes and parts with all the related documents.

  • Does the setting-up of the ERP Connector require - special IT training?

    ERP Connect is designed to be ready to use and is easily customizable according to the data you want to share between Audros and your ERP system. Thus, basic functions and a development kit (API) are provided to accelerate the implementation of your ERP interface, while offering advanced customization capabilities.
    With ERP Connect, you can set up a customized system, adapted to your needs and integrated in the standard Audros software. Through its architecture-oriented Web Services, Audros can easily add document management features in your ERP.

  • Can I manage multiple BOM versions in Audros?

    Yes, with Audros you can manage and configure multiple views of the nomenclature of the product (BOM) for example:

    The BOM As-Design which corresponds to the assembly structure directly comes from the 3D CAD tools thanks to the connectors.
    The BOM As-Build which corresponds to the manufacturing BOM sent to the ERP
    The BOM As-Maintain for the management of customer services and interchangeabilities etc.
    Thus you avoid "polluting" your ERP system while benefiting from the advanced BOM management tools provided in Audros.

  • How can the transfer of our items and BOMs from the ERP to the PLM be done easily?

    Three solutions are possible:

    - By a simple import/export of data encapsulated in a file
    Exchange (CSV or TXT) shared with your ERP system. This type of exchange can be completed in a few hours with the basic functions of the database in ERP Connect!

    - By type JDBC-ODBC-SQL queries. This type of single or bi-directional integration occurs in a few days with the APIs in ERP Connect

    - By XML streams and HTTP links between Audros and your ERP system. This type of 'real time' integration is carried out in a few days with ERP Connect Web services.