Audros, our PLM solution

Audros, our PLM solution

Answers the needs of the most demanding businesses.

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Audros, our PLM solution

Manage your products entire life cycle

Audros PLM ensures consistency and uniqueness of information between your CAD, ERP, desktop tools and Messaging. Thus, you manage and secure all data and documents related to your products lifecycle.
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  • Lifecycle management: statuses, versions, revisions
  • Connectors with the most prevalent and widely used CAD system
  • Interfaces with most ERPs

Configure the solution to suit you

Audros PLM is a customizable, easily scalable solution based on your business needs. You choose the extensions and modules that are most useful to you from the Audros range.

  • Technical EDM
  • CAD
  • Project
  • Process
  • ERP

Make your own business applications

Audros PLM is designed for companies wishing to easily make business applications: for example the automatic generation of quotes, technical configurators or document ranges, the automatic publication of Web catalogs, realization of the intranet for customer services...

  • Complete management of the product structure (data and documents, items and derived classifications)
  • Customizable data model

Customize your projects with our open code

Audros PLM offers unlimited customization of the data model and access to the solutions powerful APIs and Web service. Audros PLM customizing functions are enhanced by the ability to embed macros client or server.

  • Simplified Macro language AUPL (Audros Programing Language)
  • Full API and Web Service documentation

The complete infrastructure for managing your intellectual assets

A single, secure repository

Manufactures have a strong need for organizing, securing and sharing information. Audros consists of a single repository which secures the company’s know-how based on the products BOM throughout its life cycle. Audros centralizes and accelerates access to the right product information for all services of the company !

French technology that has proven results

Audros PLM is one of the first Audros Technology solutions which has proven results since 1993 with many SMEs and subsidiaries of major industrial groups. With Audros PLM, you can enjoy a very wide functional coverage which allows you to build a product Information system suitable for your expertise !

The best of Audros

Audros PLM is the combination of five extensions developed by Audros, for the management of data, documents and operations : Audros Technical EDM, Audros CAD, Audros Process Audros Project, Audros ERP. Each extension can also be used in perfect autonomy.

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