Audros Process

Audros Process

Send the right information to the right person at the right time.

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Audros Process

Reduce your administrative tasks

Audros Process ensures that all participants of a work process are automatically informed by email with a message containing a link to the information and tasks to be performed. Finish with paperwork relating to modifications, validations, signatures etc...

  • Design of workflow in parallel or in series
  • Automatic notification by email with a link to Audros

Gain efficiency

In addition to significantly decreasing the time spent on searches and validation of documents, Audros Process facilitates exchanges between project participants located in separate offices or geographical sites. Any intervention is traced to reduce delays and ensure compliance with the company's procedures.

  • Managing processes: routing, participants, roles, action field descriptions
  • Possibility of associating a web form used for input masks

Significantly reduce errors

The errors are often due to poor monitoring of changes (traceability, data re-entry...). With Audros Process, a process template is defined by the administrator from a graphical tool. Each model is then associated with an object class: for example, a process can only be started on CAD type documents.

  • Backup process model
  • History and full traceability of the Workflow

Easily respond to Quality audits

The automation of processes enables your business to be more pertinent when responding to Quality audits : access control, monitoring progress, automatic generation of dashboards, electronic signatures...

  • Ability to automate tasks at each stage and monitor progress
  • Control consultation/modification access

Your new source of productivity

Your procedures are followed to the letter

The automation of business processes allows you to send the right information to the right person at the right time and trace any intervention to reduce delays and ensures the procedures of the company are being respected.

French technology that has proven results

Audros PROCESS relies on Audros software which has proven results since 1993 with numerous manufacturers and design departments. Its powerful technology adapted to industry has today enabled us to bring new sources of savings and productivity to our clients.

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Scalable towards a global offer

Four other extensions, covering the main area of application, can easily be associated with the Audros GEDT, depending on the changes regarding your activities and your specific needs: CAD, Process, Project and ERP.

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