Features - Process

  • A new source of productivity:

    • The graphic creation of a workflow in parallel or in series associated with all types of data in Audros
    • Process management: tracking, actors, roles, appointment of action fields etc.
    • The definition of step types (input, output or intermediate) and the creation of loop
    • Email notifications incorporating dynamic links to Audros for processing tasks
    • The modification in real-time of the workflow
    • Process management as an Audros object allowing for full traceability of a Workflow process and its history.
    • Saved workflow templates can be reused
    • The automatic monitoring of progress via an Excel report or from the Audros interface
    • The ability to automate tasks at every step (electronic signatures, state changes, PDF, etc.)
    • WYSIWYG creation (What You See Is What You Get) without programming web forms for associating an input mask to each process step
Frequently asked questions
  • How can Audros track the progress of tasks?

    Audros allows for the management of processes (tracking, participants, roles, field and action descriptions, etc.), as well as the definition of step types (inputs, outputs or intermediates) and the creation of loops.
    To follow these actions, Audros allows for automatic progress monitoring in the form of an Excel report or from the Audros interface via access to the My Tasks menu.

  • How can Audros alert me of changes and the progress of tasks?

    Our integrated software solution makes it possible to setup notifications via email incorporating dynamic links to Audros for the processing of tasks.

  • Within what framework can Audros automate tasks?

    Audros offers the ability to automate tasks at every stage (electronic signatures, state changes, PDF, etc.) between participants located on remote sites.

  • How can I use Audros in the context of quality audits?

    The Standard Edition, Audros integrates a log (audit trail) full of changes and a process to track changes and validations with the option of incorporating electronic signatures. The total traceability of product data allows for a significant reduction in non-conformities. Associated with powerful Audros reporting functions, these functions are strongly recommended for Quality audits and for obtaining the certifications types FDA, ISO 9001, REACH, etc…