Audros Project

Audros Project

Ensures the smooth running of your projects.

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Audros Project

Reduce the time spent on the supervision of your projects

Each new project for a manufacturer is a challenge. With the Audros Project reporting tools, the time spent supervising the progress of the projects is reduced : monitoring sheets, generation GANTT and reports…

  • Balance of time and costs by project
  • Entering deadlines/dates and actions by project
  • Dashboards

Present your projects in the form of a GANTT chart

Audros Project allows you to graphically represent a project as a GANTT chart. The structure of the project (tasks, milestones, dependencies) is automatically associated with the document structure of the project in the Audros database.

  • Critical path, percentage of completion
  • Database project comparison
  • Manage rights by project

Combine and synchronize all your documents

Audros Project can easily associate documents with deliverables and, for example, condition the passage of a milestone to be completed or validating a document ! You can also generate reports and synchronize information entered on Excel forms.

  • Management deliverables as inputs or outputs
  • Enter the deadlines/dates and actions from Excel

Reuse your old projects

With Audros Project, your new projects can be created by copying existing projects or from predefined templates. There is no need to start from scratch! Thus, you save time and capitalize on your expertise.

  • Copy of project
  • Automation by macros AUPL (Audros Programing Language)

The cornerstone of your projects

Meet your deadlines and achieve your goals

Project management in the design phase is closely linked to document management and product lifecycle management. Audros Project provides all the tools for managers to ensure the smooth running of projects, both in terms of deadlines and goals to be achieved.

French technology that has proven results

Audros Process relies on Audros software which has proven results since 1993 with numerous manufacturers and design departments. Its powerful technology adapted to industry has today enabled us to bring new sources of savings and productivity to our clients.

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Scalable towards a global offer

Four other extensions, covering the main areas of application, can easily be associated with Audros Project, depending on the changes in your activity and your specific needs : Technical EDM, CAD, Process, ERP.

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