Features - Project

  • Ensure the smooth running of your projects

    • Define the project team and define rights for each project
    • Graphically create tasks, milestones, dependencies
    • Follow the project as a GANTT chart: Critical Path, percentage of completion, base project comparison ...
    • Manage deliverables (input or output) associated with documents in the Audros Project folder
    • Manage resources and a calendar
    • Copy projects
    • Create reports using Excel™
    • Enter deadlines and actions using Excel™
    • Add automation by macros AUPL
Frequently asked questions
  • How does Audros ensure the smooth running of projects in terms of meeting deadlines and achieving goals ?

    Audros SE PROJECT notifies managers of project activity using the reporting tools such as the follow-up table in Audros, the matrix GANTT and by automatic reports generated by Excel™. Automatic or custom subscriptions to alert participants of delays and tasks to be performed.

  • How does Audros compare with tools that I already have to follow-up on my projects?

    The power of Audros project management lies in its seamless integration with the management of technical documents in Audros! Audros allows you to define the structure of the tasks/milestones of a project by relying directly on the structure of the data in Audros. Tasks, milestones, dependencies are graphically represented in the form of a GANTT chart which is associated with the project folder in Audros. Passing a milestone or a phase of a project is directly dependent on the realization and validation of the document controlled in Audros.

  • How to manage my resources (e.g. in the DD) with Audros SE Project?

    Audros SE Project is not a resource management tool that interfaces with your diaries. The primary objective of Audros SE Project is to provide a "macro" vision of the projects progress conditional on document deliverables and validation circuits. However, it does possess a tool for entering deadlines/dates using Excel which can be synchronized with Audros. It is also possible in Audros to very easily visualize all of the projects in which a resource is used and to define the AUPL automation for your more advanced needs.