Audros Technical EDM

Audros Technical EDM

A single and centralized access to the Technical Data and the documents necessary for the design and manufacture of your products. Structure and share in a completely secure way the information Products in your company and with your partners.

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Audros Technical EDM

Accelerate access to your documentation

With the unique Audros repository, access to all technical data has never been so easy and fast. Thanks to features of Audros TEDM, all your data and company documents related to the life of the products are classified and organized automatically, which allows each employee to find at any time the information sought and the related documents.

  • Preconfigured classification of drawings
  • Automatic or manual codes
  • Multi-criteria searches

Eliminate document duplicates in your database

By using Audros, you ensure the validity and uniqueness of data related to your products. Thus, you ensure that each employee will always have access to the latest version to update documents, without worrying about version errors.

  • Management of the use cases of a data present in several documents, several files and several projects
  • Management of multi-level document structures
  • Project/product structure copy Wizard
  • Association of technical data and documents to all types of articles, ranges, business, ...

Create and automatically share your data

You value automatically your documents from Word or Excel templates. Documents can be locked while you edit while remaining accessible in read-only. Once validated, you can just as easily share them, in their native format or in PDF format, safely.

  • Creation of Word/Excel template relating to data in Audros
  • Document locking to prevent editing
  • Automatic generation in PDF format (Office conversion, stamps, signatures…)

Improve the tracking and traceability of your documents

With Audros TEDM, follow real-time exchange of document bundles within your company. Audros also manages the evolution history throughout the lifecycle of your products.

  • Automatic or manual management of versions /revisions
  • Full log of changes
  • Document validation with notifications by e-mail
  • Secure sharing with your suppliers and customers

The backbone of your information system

A major economic issue for businesses

Today, nearly 90% of business users want a single and centralized access for the sharing of documents. The diversity of product information, its data sources and multiple changes make it very difficult to implement methods of document organization.

French technology that has proven results

Audros TEDM is based on the PLM Audros solution that has proven results since 1993 with many industrial enterprises. In fact, the standard EDM solution relying on the management of Directory Windows ™ or archiving capabilities, prove insufficient to meet most industrial challenges.

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Scalable towards a global offer

Four other extensions, covering the main area of application, can easily be associated with the Audros GEDT, depending on the changes regarding your activities and your specific needs: CAD, Process, Project and ERP.

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