Project monitoring, a method that has become essential?

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During a project, it is important to know where you are going! Making decisions and assigning tasks is not enough. It is essential to monitor the accomplishment of tasks and the evolution of the project to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Why? It is essential to check whether the team is moving in the right direction, whether the objectives set are being respected or whether the budget and deadlines are being respected correctly.

Many companies use project monitoring on a daily basis to plan and measure the progress of their projects. Today, this method has become essential to the organization and implementation of the company’s activities.


What is project monitoring?

Project monitoring makes it possible to control the good progress of the project according to the established schedule and that the human, material and financial resources are well fixed and respected. It is a control and validation tool.

Of course, project monitoring does not avoid problems but makes it easier to detect them and react quickly in order to find an appropriate solution.


The importance of project monitoring

Now that your project is established, it is not enough to simply execute the tasks one after the other.

To succeed in your project, it is essential to distribute tasks taking into account the skills of each of the employees concerned. When the different tasks are assigned, you must follow their evolution throughout the project.

These steps are essential to ensure that everything is going as planned. By monitoring the proper execution of the various project tasks, the work and results of your collaborators, you ensure that your team is effective and that the defined objectives are achieved. This project monitoring also makes it possible to calculate the budget at any time, based on the time already elapsed.

Les avantages :

  • Better visibility into how the project is progressing
  • Better resource management and therefore cost optimization
  • Reducing risks such as delivery delays, for example,
  • Empowerment of employees,
  • Better information sharing and simplified management


Project monitoring tools

Meeting :

The principle of the monitoring meeting is to discuss the progress of all project tasks with all team members. It is also during these meetings that the difficulties encountered will be discussed. The objective is to make the project evolve on a daily basis.

The monitoring meeting allows you to:

  • Identify the tasks that should start soon,
  • Set the new tasks to be added and those to be deleted,
  • Review the progress of current tasks and their remaining time,
  • Make the necessary choices for the rest of the project

Project monitoring software :

Project monitoring software offers many essential functions to ensure effective management of your project from start to finish. They simplify the planning of each task in the project, its assignment to a collaborator and its follow-up.

Using various tools such as the Gantt chart, resource management, task manager or timesheets, you can plan, track, manage and analyze the tasks and workload of each member of your team.


A project monitoring software is great but Flowboard is even better!

Flowboard provides managers with all the tools they need to ensure that projects run smoothly, both in terms of deadlines and objectives to be achieved.

Thanks to Flowboard’s project tracking and reporting tables, each data is processed, each task is ordered and stakeholders are informed of the progress of the current project. On the other hand, by presenting your projects in the form of GANTT, you will be able to easily visualize the tasks to be performed as well as the milestones and roles of each collaborator.

Another advantage: Each step is associated with the creation or validation of a document. Flowboard is THE solution that supports you throughout your success!


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