Knowing how to reinvent themselves, how can companies do it?

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Adapting to one’s environment is more essential than ever in this period of recovery. Industrial companies need to review their approach, their way of thinking, their way of conquering new customers.

Many companies want to reinvent themselves and are looking for new strategies to reposition themselves. However, beyond a way of operating that needs to be reviewed, isn’t it a new mindset that industrial companies need? With more frugality and agility.


When agility becomes a requirement

An agile company is:

  • Listening to its customers
  • Adapt quickly to anticipate new behaviours
  • Permanent innovation

This unprecedented period was an electroshock. Some companies adapted their production to produce different products, others realized the need to relocate.

Manufacturing a new product requires many elements (control procedures, documents, assembly plans, …). The most difficult part is to gather all this information in one place and in the right version.

Moreover, producing a new product must meet new expectations: user experience, differentiating functions,… Therefore, this way of working requires an adaptable information system.

Being more agile also means reducing the communication steps between the customer’s request and the production of the product.

This first step will allow companies to transform themselves. However, this reinvention does not only depend on companies. Employees will also have to reinvent themselves. Everyone will have to adapt and redeploy skills.


Capitalizing on know-how

The crisis at COVID-19 erupted unexpectedly and pushed staff, often reluctant to change, to find new ways of working. They were able to put forward, beyond the technical skills of the job, other skills that have become indispensable such as mastery of digital tools and soft skills (creativity, communication, cooperation, etc.).

Employees have agreed to change their work habits, to set new priorities, to seize new opportunities, …

The company also has a role to play with its employees. It is not just a question of whether teleworking is good or bad. But is the company agile enough and has the tools to adapt quickly to change? Has the company started to digitize its management and support processes?


Transforming to Bounce Back

You have heard about digital transformation many times without really knowing what it involves, what it brings and how to implement it.

The digital strategy must not only take into account the objectives you have set yourself, but also be based on the human resources you have at your disposal. To do this, companies must identify the key digital issues that will enable them to emerge from the crisis.

Thanks to its expertise, Visiativ Group has identified 4 challenges:

  • the security and performance of the information system,
  • the digital transformation of the company,
  • the industry of tomorrow
  • the financing of innovation.


To help companies to reinvent themselves, Visiativ offers an extended diagnosis through the Grand R. This approach aims to accompany you in your digital roadmap to better bounce back.

Adopt the right strategy to emerge stronger from this period and be reborn sustainably and collectively! Discover the white paper…