Research, key function of Audros EDM

Publié par Margot Mairesse il y a 6 months | Data management, News

One of the main assets of an electronic document management software is the ability to manage documents flows circulating in the company and research the right information.

EDM has several benefits such as:

  • Instant availability of documents for all users
  • Centralization of all company’s data
  • Visibility of versions and updates of each document
  • Safety and access’ control of documents

Moreover, “ research ” function is the key function for all EDM solutions. It’s about finding the document wanted, the right version of it, without being overwhelmed by other documents.
Thanks to its efficient research tools, Audros is able to find quickly information.

Simple research

A research by reference or by term:

  • Reference or entire term: you can search for a specific document, in typing an entire word.
  • Reference or incomplete term: you can search for documents that have a part of the reference for object or designation. You’ll find all documents starting, finishing or including this reference or this term.

Full text research

Thanks to full text research, you can do a complete or partial research and Audros can as well, search for the reference or the specific term inside EDM’s documents. This way, you’ll find all files including the reference or the specific term in the object, and also in the document’s body.

Advanced research

With a function like this, save researches is possible. And advanced research enables create requests with several conditions, to sharpen results gradually.

Thanks to Audros, you’re able de collect, storage, rank and find the document you’re searching for, fast and in its right version.


Benefits and key functions:

  • Find accurate information at all times
  • Less time losses to find the right document
  • Full text indexation on all files stored in Audros
  • Multiple researches tools: simple, advanced, extensive