Sage 100

Technical EDM and PLM integrated into Sage 100.

Aimed at SMBs, the ETDM-PLM Audros solution integrated into Sage 100 creates an automatic link between R&D and manufacturing to link the BOMs and assembly items and parts with associated documents: drawings, 3D CAD files, routings, specifications, standards etc… You save valuable time and costly errors, ensuring consistency and unity between your design and manufacturing data.

Optional CAD connectors allow for the complete management of the 3D Assembly structure and the creation of a bi-directional link to the production BOM.

  • Fluidity of information, reference, and BOM managements
  • Elimination of errors due to the re-entry of data to Sage 100
  • Automation of information updates (bidirectional link)
  • Collaborative work from remote sites
  • Single document repository for all users of Sage 100
  • Reduction of Time-to-Market
  • Integration into Sage for a decrease in maintenance/administration costs


Automatic integration of the CAD Assembly structure


Display the business view of your BOMs,

from both your CAD and Sage 100.

Creation of items which have no graphical representation or CAD files attached

such as grease, paint, paste… This data can be documented by Sage 100 so as to know the data providers.

Comparison between any type of structures

by displaying the differences and similarities by the quantities, item versions, levels…

Management of modifications with validation

(Engineering Change Request) and of all workflow types based on the data from both Audros of Sage 100

From Sage 100 access manufacturing documents

(drawings, parts and 3D assemblies, ranges, technical sheets…), sales folders (specifications, quotations), Quality documents (manuals, procedures, standards) etc.



  • Web browser with Flash player 10
  • Java runtime 1.6+ with audros rights


  • Windows 2003/2008 Server or Linux Mandriva/Redhat/Debian
  • Supported databases: Oracle or SQL-Server