Offer Sage ERP X3

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Why connect your PLM or Audros EDM to your Sage X3 ERP?

  • Two-way connection between Audros PLM and ERP Sage X3 that allows a smooth flow of data to all the company’s people.
  • Reduced time-to-market thanks to close communication between the design office that develops the product and the production.
  • Dynamize your innovations thanks to a complete control of your process.
  • Facilitate the exchange of data and avoid the entry of duplicate information (articles, nomenclatures, …).

The Audros offer integrated with the Sage X3 ERP:

Thanks to the connector between Audros and Sage X3, your documents (orders, invoices, plans, mails …) can be shared and stored in a secure way, while ensuring an attachment to the corresponding classes in your Sage X3 ERP.

For more information about the Audros ETDM connected to Sage X3, it’s here.

  • Audros X3 Edition: Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), with or without CAD connector.

For more information about the Audros PLM connected to Sage X3, it’s here.

Some Audros-X3 customers:
  • MARLE S.A.