Audros EDM X3

The Audros EDM solution connected to Sage X3, your unique repository for managing your documents.

The complete integration between Sage X3 ERP and Audros EDM allows users to automatically classify and dematerialize all types of documents with transparent and secure access from all Sage X3 screens.


– Ranking and access documents directly from Sage X3 screens.

– Drag and drop file storage or Right Click from Windows Explorer.

– Storage from Office applications and messaging.

– Indexing of documents for search in the content by keywords.

– Life Cycle Management (Statutes, Versions, Revisions) and histories.

– Management of Scanned Documents and dematerialization of content.

– Print and archive documents and Sage X3 reports.

– DocStar * (Office document enhancement) and PDF * processing.


  • Reduction of delays
  • Quality improvement
  • Expertize capitalization
  • Diffusion and sharing of information



  • Web browser with Flash player 10-22
  • Java Runtime Environment 1.8.x (x<=101)


  • Windows 2003/2008 Server
    or Linux Mandriva/Redhat/Debian
  • Supported databases: Oracle or SQL-Server

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