PLM Methodology

A progressive approach to the implementation of your PDM / PLM projects

The implementation of a PDM / PLM solution must be done with methodology to manage the risks during the installation of the application. In coordination with one of our specialized partners, the project must follow these 3 phases:

  • Phase 1: “The death valley”

New users who are not always involved at the beginning of the project can feel that they are forced to organize and to structure their own data. As long as the Audros database remains empty, the application is useless. This phase must be as shorter as possible: the database is loaded with automatic tools in order to pull back existing data (bulk loading)

  • Phase 2: Making data accessible

During this phase, the data must be easily accessible through the (Internet/Extranet) network of the users, employees, clients or partners so as to simplify and accelerate information access. This crucial phase allows user to understand the benefits of structuring their work around the Audros database method to facilitate the storage, search and securing of information.

  • Phase 3: Automate processes

This phase corresponds to the definition and implementation of processes that automate manual and repetitive tasks. This stage aims at suppressing “paper” documents which are often useless and cause a lot of errors. During this phase, the Audros automation tools increases the productivity of users by removing all non-productive and low value-added tasks.