PLM project monitoring

Audros relies on a network of value-added partners


Plan du projetThe first step is to perform a detailed analysis of your needs with an Audros partner and, if necessary, with one of our consultants if an adaptation of the Audros PLM product is required

Our partners expertise will allow us to make an accurate assessment of your needs regarding the organization, exchange, and circuit validation of document throughout the products life cycle.

We take into account the creation and information management systems already in place such as Office Automation, CAD, ERP, CRM, GED,… so as to propose a perfectly integrated solution into the existing environment.


The evaluation report, along with its specifications, complete the contract which takes into account all the elements of the project, the cost of the software and services, planning, commitments and responsibilities of the partner and editor.



Les acteurs du projetCompliance with the completion of stages and the transfer of skills is a pledge of success of the project which should ensure return on investment within a period of 3 to 6 months. The project can be divided into several lots corresponding to different phases of the project according to the functional scope and desired ROI.

Some examples of Lots:

  • CAD and non-CAD document management
  • Automation of process
  • Project management
  • Exchange with the ERP

Each Lot following a validation process is broken down into 4 steps (see diagram below):

  • The start of the project,
  • The setup of the data model
  • The loading of the database,
  • Putting it into Production