Two new clients in Portugal

Publié par Mathilde Borel il y a 3 years | News

Soft Institute, Audros partner in Portugal, has just signed two new clients.

The Soft Institute company, founded in 1997, is specialized in information systems’ deployment. Soft Institute develops also specific IT applications, in integrating products and components depending on each customer’s demands. Audros’ partner for several years now, Soft Institute is also distributor of Dimo Maint and Sage X3 solutions.

Lately, two new clients signed in Portugal, Cheto and Mibilbanho.

  • Cheto produces digital-powered machines, from 5 to 7 axles, specialized in drilling, tapping, milling and boring. The company wanted to buy a solution that would manage each project and their information flows.
  • Mibilbanho produces bathrooms’ furniture. The company is fitted with the most relevant technology for its business, allowing verticalize its production. To continue head in this direction, the company decided also implement an EDM/PLM software.

They both have chosen Audros with FlowBoard Module (module of project management), the CAD connector (SolidWorks) and Sage X3 connector. While the Audros project at Mibilbanho has just begun with the CAD part, the Cheto project is almost done.

Audros Technology is glad to have two new references in Portugal and we congratulate our partner Soft Institute for its work.

We’re looking forward to be in 2018 to win more clients in Portugal!