System of workshop management

System of workshop management: maximize your production

Our systems of workshop management are able to follow your production evolution, quality of your items…

Why a solution of technical data management?

  • Unified management of documents, files, applications, automation of industrial procedures and automated creation of documentation allowing companies improve their productivity. It leads to the decrease of products’ “Time To Market” and lengthening life.
  • Setting up of diffusion processes of documents and quality control of the document (validation, status…) are major assets.
  • The software is also a tool to manage production of all kinds of items. It helps you handle your workshop monitoring. It is possible to include information on each item to ease management. Moreover, you can create various reports to centralize or sump up system’s data.
  • Audros offers modules to match your items to competitors’ digital references, original manufacturers and main providers of electronic catalogs in the automobile industry. The software will enable keep up with market trends and be the most competitive of your business field.

Who to ask?

Audros is expert of the TDMS software edition. We offer solutions of technical data management one-to-one. We audit in intern your production processes, diffusion processes of technical information and, your workflow modeling.


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Audros is a technical data management system (TDM), industrial data and product lifecycle management (PLM). Don’t hesitate to contact us to get more information about our systems of workshop management.