System of workshop monitoring

System of workshop monitoring: Audros solutions to improve your production monitoring

Our systems of workshop monitoring enable publication of printed and electronic catalogs and improve traceability of your production process.

Why a system of workshop monitoring?

  • A system of workshop monitoring improves the follow up of your workshop monitoring.
  • Setting up documents diffusion processes and quality control of document (validation, status…) are major assets to improve production.
  • Audros is also a tool that manages production of all kinds of items. It helps you handle your workshop monitoring. It is possible to include information on each item to ease management. Moreover, you can create various reports to centralize or sump up system’s data.
  • The System of workshop monitoring can replace or automatically change a data appearing several times in your catalog and standardize text that will be put in various parts of the catalog: time saving, simplification of information’s journey.

Flexibility of our system of workshop monitoring allows realization of automated or assisted configurators and applications for technical administrative or sales departments. This flexibility is increased by the possibility to include user macro written in a simple language: Aupl (Audros Programing Language).


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Technics of industrial data management improve traceability of your workshop monitoring system (system of workshop management) by real time monitoring of all supervision variables. Don’t hesitate to contact us to get more information about our systems of workshop monitoring.