Software market: what are we expecting of trends 2019?

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IT market and new technologies greatly increased in 2018, particularly the French software field that improved of 4,1% and should keep growing during this year. What’s the secret of a lasting growth? Automation already proved its worth and Artificial Intelligence will have an essential role. Find out how, and what are the next trends 2019 that will shake the software world.


1.    Trends 2019: development by Artificial Intelligence

According to Gartner office, 40% of applications created in 2022 will be co-developed by Artificial Intelligence. Objects and solutions will be more connected between themselves.

Artificial Intelligence also speeds up IT development in automating processes. And it’s not only an added value to IT development. Businessmen see there a great opportunity to make use of data. That’s why tests will be done autonomously, which will enable a faster detection of potential issues and solve bugs more easily.

Also, becoming developer will be less technical. Application creation software made with Artificial Intelligence will definitely help this job. We can give the example of “low code”. “Low code” is developing quickly with the least of code.

“Low code” is growing

While companies still have an important need of developers who aren’t enough, the low code platform (or no code) is one of the numerous trends 2019. It will play a key role in the software market’s rise. According to Gartner office, low code platforms should raise of 55% in the next two years, allowing less experimented employees de code more easily mobile applications and some features. AppSheet, Betty Blocks and Microsoft run a 12 low code editors group, highlighting manipulation ease, integration and even some IA features. These executives get closer to clients who want to implement a business automation process or workflow automation. The idea is not only change the market of applications development with low code; it’s also turn it into a more efficient field.

2.   Trends 2019: the rising role of customer data management

According the study “Context is Everything” made by Adobe, 67% of questioned companies foresee in 2019 to make use of Artificial Intelligence for offers, services and content customization.
This number might reach 91% by 2020. CX (Consumer Experience) professionals continue to focus on customer data. Because, to stay in the race, companies have to customize the more their services or products. To do so, Artificial Intelligence enables to bring out crucial information from an enormous volume of data.

However, some consumers’ disagreements might come out in the following months. Technologies such as chatbot and vocal assistant are now used tools, but their comprehension can be frustrating.  In the same time, some sales representatives stay puzzled about Artificial Intelligence benefits, and might slow down software editor’s development.

Meanwhile, everyone agree on mobile access and data synchronisation features. Users constantly asking for speediness and easy-to-use. That’s why mobility is still a priority.

3.     More access and mobility, also a trend 2019

If you ask software pros, mobile access is the number one trend of 2019. There’s still work to do on mobile strategy to stay competitive, because Desktop-solutions-only are outdated. An average cloud user synchronises his documents between his Desktop and his phone, and preview them on mobile app. Access to the last version on any device is a feature on which cloud storage will dedicated itself in 2019. This access becoming important for users.

Platforms tend toward more intuitiveness, and information management turns out to be intelligent information management. Artificial Intelligence is going to participate to this evolution. Insert simple interface to solutions generalizes information management. In other words, users who used to learn interface’ basics, now will be helped by intelligent solutions like EDM or PLM. These can spread information without migrating tons of data, deliver documents and files without taking into account their source.

Unfortunately, the more complex and dynamic a software becomes, the more hacking opportunities raise. Among trends 2019, cybersecurity is a major topic for companies.

4.     How to avoid malwares fed by Artificial Intelligence

When we talk about cyber-attacks, the front door is the software’s faults. Hackers keep improving their technics to destroy software development’s processes.

Moreover, each year comes with its new cyber-attacks trends and 2019 won’t avoid it. And the main targets of cyber-attacks are first social networks.

Finally, the use of growing technologies (Cloud, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence …) will conceal attack sources. Since the end of 2018, cybersecurity solutions based on Artificial Intelligence don’t stop growing. We can expect from hackers to adapt and be more reactive. Using Artificial Intelligence for this kind of action can lead to major damage. Automated hacking will grow with automated learning processes integration.

In order to fight these new enemies, security operation centers are going to start using algorithms of Artificial Intelligence and automated learning.