When the UX of your PLM offers better productivity to your employees?

Publié par Mathilde Borel il y a 2 years | News

The ergonomics of the interfaces has become paramount in the choice of software, especially for a PLM solution that is used on a daily basis by the various departments.

But what is UX?

The term UX (or user experience) is the quality of experience that the user will experience when navigating on an interface, a digital device or more globally on any device.

In addition, it is therefore essential to differentiate between UX and usability. UX involves not only the practical side of use but also appeals to the emotional side by anticipating the user’s needs.

In order to build a good UX, various elements must be taken into account.

The diagram proposed by “The Digital Lab” is a good illustration of this:

What to expect from a good UX of your PLM?

In its early days, PLM was developed to meet a company’s product lifecycle management needs, providing very specific functions to meet business expectations. The functional expectations of PLM software have evolved over the years without ever really considering the user experience. While the world we live in was opening up to new ways of communicating and getting information (smartphone, tablet,…) in an intuitive way.


Many can be the consequences of a bad user experience:

  • Loss of efficiency
  • Waste of time
  • Non-use of the tool or use of one’s own tool
  • Loss of money
  • ..

All these consequences lead to a bad user experience and therefore a bad employee experience.


The UX of your PLM in 2020?

Nevertheless, PLM has continued to evolve. These PLM solutions respond to a broader need by positioning themselves as the backbone of a company, communication between different departments, … It has therefore become a strategic priority!

PLM solutions have therefore evolved to adapt to new UX expectations. They consider the user’s profile, his specific needs, his job, … The screen has become customizable for each profile. By using design standards, PLM offers a better UX and therefore a better adhesion to the tool by the collaborators, more productivity! The gains are therefore multiple.


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