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Workflow is an obvious element in the company’s processes. Why is that? Quite simply because it is the ideal way to automate recurring tasks, gain efficiency and focus on your core business! It is a term that is increasingly used in business. The circulation of information, the distribution of tasks, delivery times are among the major problems in the organization of a company. To do this, companies set up different processes. Tools such as Workflow are today in full expansion and are a real evolution for companies.


Workflow, what for?

A workflow is the modeling of a set of tasks to be accomplished for the realization of an operational process and of the different actors involved in the realization of a business process.

The workflow requires to determine several points: the project stakeholders, their roles, the tasks to be accomplished and the deadlines to be respected. It allows one or more documents to be circulated in order to optimise the processing of information in a collaborative manner.

In a workflow, the steps follow one another in a defined chronological order until its completion. Workflow automation eliminates the monotony of certain tasks and allows you to focus on value-added tasks. This speeds up the processing of operations and increases accuracy.

The main characteristics of a step:

  • The system tasks: the actions that the system will perform automatically: send an email, create a document, … They can be launched directly, after a given time or when an action is executed in another system.
  • The ad hoc user tasks: the action buttons that will be performed for the end user: validate the document, launch the creation of an associated document, … A step can only be triggered if the previous step is notified as completed by the user. The next step will then be assigned to the next user.


#tomorrowsworkflow, how to capitalize on the company’s valuable skills?

Skills and experience are not acquired overnight. They are the result of many years of activity, investment and effort in the company. It is an extremely valuable intangible asset that every company must preserve, enhance, optimise, pass on and perpetuate. In short, skills must be capitalized.

In order to capitalize and transfer knowledge, methods and processes must be implemented. The digital transformation is pushing companies to reorganise.

This is why workflow is essential to ensure the success of the skills capitalisation process and its sustainability within the company. Given the speed at which customer expectations and the competitive environment change, it is more essential than ever to be able to provide the right information to the right person at the right time.

All this information will be kept and automated and will be gathered in one place via a single information flow! This information is the source of the company’s performance and thanks to the workflow you will be able to continue to benefit from it, and your employees will be able to concentrate on other more important tasks! In addition to capitalizing on the knowledge acquired by the employees, this allows for experimentation and enrichment.

Workflow allows you to automate common tasks that can be sources of errors and that monopolize a large number of your collaborators. These tasks are important and far from negligible. They can save time and be more efficient and productive.  Employees are relieved of repetitive tasks with no added value, everyone is a winner!


Benefits of Workflow Automation

  • Time saving: Automation of time-consuming processes saves time. This precious time can then be used for more important activities that create real value, or simply to have more free time (which is fundamental to be productive).
  • Concentration: Along with time, automation allows you to concentrate on more important tasks and activities. In an information-saturated work environment, the level of concentration becomes a very valuable but limited resource; using it to effectively manage critical information is a new challenge for professionals.
  • Energy savings: Workflow automation allows you to keep your energy from low value-added activities to other more important activities for a company. In addition, better energy management leads to greater productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

As workflow automation also reduces memory usage, the result is better concentration and therefore higher productivity which is a source of added value.


What are the benefits of workflow automation?

Workflow promises fluidity, productivity and reliability. By automating a process within the framework of electronic document management, you reduce the risk of processing errors.

By reducing this, you gain agility. A dynamic workflow gives you the possibility to meet your deadlines and you are more responsive, to the satisfaction of your internal and external contacts.

The deployment of a workflow also allows you to harmonize the working methods between the different parties involved, and to manage the activity in the best possible way via precise indicators. At any time, you can follow the evolution of the process, identify malfunctions and prioritize the actions to be applied. You can thus control the coherence of the processes, whatever the circumstances.


Are you interested in setting up a workflow? Discover the Audros workflow!

The workflow software Audros with its document validation circuit completes an electronic document management tool to facilitate the circulation, modification, classification and publication of each document.

Each employee can be alerted by an e-mail notification as soon as a document to be validated arrives. The Audros workflow is in this sense oriented “users” and allows a gain in reliability, traceability and time.


The Audros workflow allows to:

  • View the progress of the document in real time
  • Collaborative exchange with the actors concerned
  • Guarantee the follow-up, security and credibility of documents
  • Facilitating decision-making processes
  • Minimize processing costs (financial, time and human).

For more information about workflow, find here our infographics on the subject!

Feel free to contact us to know all the advantages of Audros workflow software for document validation.