Manufacturing products on catalogue

Manufacturers who design standard products on catalogue wish to improve their development or modification process of products. The need for technical data management (PDM) is important in the phases of draft, design, certification and validation of the given product in view of the manufacturing volume required for a mass market launch. Finally, it must be able to launch more innovative products within even-shorter deadlines, with the least amount of prototypes as possible !

Under these conditions, any errors in the preliminary draft is very expensive!

The associated solution:


“The need for PDM is important in pre-project phases […] The error in the design phase is very expensive!”

Our solution

The PDM Audros software reduces Time to Market thanks to:
  • Setting up a single document repository
  • Information sharing and collaborative work between Design Department Engineers
  • The automation of business processes and low value added administrative tasks

Unlike a PDM solution offered by your CAD Publisher that mainly manages CAD data of the product, the Audros solution also manages the documents, and operations (or processes) related to the entire lifecycle of the product, from idea to delivery.

With Audros, information is available to all services of the company. The solution ensures a capitalization of all the know-how related to the product with its detailed history that allows for full traceability and the search and modification of previous projects while encouraging innovation.

Thanks to its module eCatalog, Audros can generate and update in real time your product catalog on the Internet. Finally, the FlowNet module can automate a series of tasks between participants using the company’s e-mail. It allows for the electronic management of signatures and facilitates compliance with quality procedures (ISO 9001/14001, TS 16949, EN 9100, 21 CFR PART 11…).


“The Audros software rapidly became the main system of technical information in our manufacturing facility producing extinguishers. The file conversion to PDF format allows us to visualize and easily distribute any documents. This installation also helped us to achieve an important step in accessing information !”

Brice Morales, PDM Project Manager Desautel


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